Natural Migraine Remedies

There are many natural migraine remedies which serve to relieve sufferers of their symptoms in a number of ways. Homeopathics, herbalism, supplementation, these are all methods by which a migraine sufferer may find some relief in his/her symptoms. There are a huge variety of natural treatments for the migraine condition. None of them will, however, address the root cause of the problem to act as a cure to migraines.

Homeopathy is a natural method of treating illnesses which uses certain substances highly diluted to apparently cure the condition which may normally be caused by the dilute substance. This method is highly disputed in the medical community, but may provide some relief to migraine sufferers if a competant homeopath can be found. The problem with homeopathy is that it utilizes an approach which inherently treats the symptoms of a migraine and can therefore, never truly resolve the problem.

Herbalism is an age old medicinal practise which uses substances from herbs to resolve ailments. In much the same way as conventional medicine is used, herbalism employs substances which contain active ingredients to help address specific problems in a more natural way. The truth is that herbal remedies are more natural than synthetic medications. Any medicinal substance derived from plant matter is clearly more 'natural' than chemicals created in a laboratory. Some popular herbal medicines in the treatment of migraine are feverfew, butterbur, passionflower, peppermint, rosemary and lavender . The problem with herbalism is that it uses an approach which treats the symptoms of a migraine and can never truly resolve the root cause alone.

Supplementation is a technique used in an attempt to supplement a patients dietary intake by providing substances which, if in lack, are thought to increase the likelihood of migraine attacks. Supplements such as magnesium, co-enzyme Q10 and riboflavin are found to be helpful in treating migraines to some extent. The problem with supplementation is that it uses an approach which treats the symptoms of the migraine condition and will never truly resolve the root cause.

As you can see from the above indications, there are various different natural migraine remedies which may be taken to help reduce the symptoms of migraine, in some cases quite significantly. But, each of the methods outlined above have the inherent problem that they aim to treat the symptoms of the illness, NOT the cause.

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