Migraine Treatments At Home

How to use powerful, natural migraine treatments from the comfort of your home

Migraine treatment is often thought of in a somewhat 'medical' manner. Doctors describing migraines as a neurological condition make it seem like treatment would be quite serious. The truth about migraines is that they are a serious condition and must be properly managed.

The purpose of this web page is to give migraine sufferers the option to use simple, effective and natural migraine relief methods in their own homes. There are a few home migraine treatments which are becoming more and more commonplace amongst sufferers while other treatments are relatively unknown by most people. Considering also that sometimes even if people know what they should be doing, it doesn't necessarily mean they will do it!

The Medical Approach

Migraine treatment in the home can involve some fairly serious medications, some of which are used in the prevention of future migraine attacks and others that are used at the first signs of an impending attack in an attempt to stop the migraine in its tracks. The medical approach to migraine treatment at home is widespread among westerners and can be a very effective means of treating the symptoms of the migraine condition.

Although this method of migraine treatment is very common within our community, many people are also finding that the side-effects of their medications are causing unwanted health complications and inconveniences in their lives. Aside from this, many people are becoming more and more aware that long term use of these medications can have serious long term effects to their health and well-being. This is why people are turning to natural solutions to their problems.

The Therapy Approach

Migraine treatment therapies are a fairly popular approach in treating the migraine condition and people can have remarkable successes with treatments such as chiropractic, hydrotherapy, acupuncture, bio-feedback, physical therapies etc.

The main concern with these methods of migraine treatment is that they all claim to solve the root cause of the problem and in 90% of cases they do not. This is because all people are different and it is usually a combination of factors which must be addressed to truly cure the root cause of a migraine problem.

Aside from the above, the therapy approach can be very expensive and is not easily available as an in-home treatment, so it requires more time and effort than some other methods.

The Supplement Approach

Many sufferers of migraines are taking a host of supplements which have been proven scientifically and accepted by the medical community as effective methods of migraine reduction. Supplements such as magnesium, riboflavin, herbal mixtures (usually butterbur or feverfew) and co-enzyme Q10 are among the most commonly used. People generally have positive effects using supplements but are rarely found to actually defeat the migraine condition with this alone.

Supplements are fast becoming one of the most essential parts of our health in the 21st century with vitamin and mineral depletion rates increasing, more and more of us are finding supplements almost as essential as food itself. The problem with this is that the regulatory bodies that monitor supplement quality often overlook poor quality, ineffective supplements and many people are using supplements which are incredibly low potency.

To correctly use a supplementation routine, it is important to make sure that the supplements are sourced from a high quality, reliable source.

The Trigger Avoidance Approach

Migraine sufferers may often find that their episodes are 'triggered' by certain foods, drinks or environmental disturbances. It has thus been suggested that trigger avoidance is an important part of treating migraines as it helps to reduce their frequency. In some cases it is found that when avoiding a certain trigger for a long enough period of time, the patient may come back to the trigger at a later stage and tolerate it perfectly well. This is not the case for everyone however, and the majority of people have underlying root causes to their migraine condition which must be resolved before triggers can be reversed.


Treating migraines in the home environment can involve a large number of different approaches and can help a migraine sufferer to better cope with their life. Rarely will a regular home treatment regiment have a lasting effect and the migraines will usually continue. With The Migraine Solution, we are confident that our home treatment system for migraines will work for almost every person who tries it. We give comprehensive details of how to cure your migraines and we include a concise list of common migraine triggers as well.

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Disclaimer: None of the information on this site is to be constituted as personal or medical advice. If you are experiencing migraines you are strongly advised to see your doctor. Risks of The Migraine Solution: As with any form of treatment, there are associated risks with The Migraine Solution program. Some of the treatment methods described may cause mouth irritation/ulcers, anticoagulation of the blood and possible allergic reactions. Although these symptoms are relatively rare, it is a legal requirement that I advise of these possible risks.

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